Tyrol: Skiing, Beauty, History, Bling

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tyrol tirol austria i heart travelsImagine a place, nestled in the Eastern Alps. A ski lover’s dream. This is Tyrol.  Known for it’s attractive big ski resorts like St.Anton, St.Christoph and Pettneu, this wonderful region is one of Austria’s most visited areas.  In addition to the wonderful, white slopes, this place offers a unique regional identity with delicious cuisine and a great lifestyle.

The region has ancient traditions laced through the mountain as well as history built within its town’s walls.

kufstein castle tyrol tirol i heart travelsIn the North is the small town of Kufstein. In 1342, Duchess Margarete of the Tyrol was given Kufstein as a wedding present from her new husband, Ludwig of Brandenburg. With this gift, Kufstein became a part of the Tyrol. As you enter the town from the East, your eyes will gaze upon Kulfstein Castle, an impressive castle once used as a prison but it is one of Tyrol’s tourist- and visitor attractions offfering an opportunity to truly experience the interesting history of the area first-hand.

From Ötztal to Sölden – This highway drive leads you through vivid, beautiful vistas that will take your imagination to another level.  Here you also find the first home of Ötzi, the Bronze Age mummy over 5,300 years old (visit him at his current resting place, a museum in Bozen in southern Tyrol).

tyrol tirol austria i heart travelsInnsbruck – The capital of Tyrol boasts historical museums and a medieval atmosphere. As you walk down the lovely alleys and ancient courtyards, you will encounter Goldenes Dachl, the golden roof that Emperor Maximilian I built during his reign in the 15th century.  Down the river, the Triumphbogen (triumph arch) stands as strong as it has since 1655 when Empress Maria Theresia built it.  Among the grand monuments of Innsbruck, war stories of Napoleon and freedom fighters are told within the many museums in the capital.

And then there’s Wattens, which is the home of Swarovski… ‘nuf said, we think.

Tyrol, an amazing travel destination

So whether you are a ski enthusiast, interested in history or a fan of unique cultures or, indeed, bling, Tyrol is a fun and distinctive destination.

tyrol tirol austria i heart travels

Innsbruck by night.