The Wonderful World of The Pudding Club

The Pudding Club Three Ways House
the pudding club three ways house mickleton cotswoldsEvery Friday evening, and on some Saturdays, all through the year, Three Ways House Hotel in Mickleton is all about great puds!

The hotel is world famous for being the home of The Pudding Club, a mission of sorts that started in 1985 with the aim to preserve the Great British Pudding. every weekend visitors from the Cotswolds, the UK and the World flock to Three Ways House Hotel to experience The Pudding Club and at the end of the night, they have effectively earned the bragging rights to tell friends, family and strangers within ear-shot, that they have been to The Pudding Club with dinner and 7 delicious puddings.

The Pudding Club Chipping Campden CotswoldsThe Parade of Seven Puddings

Guests at The Pudding Club enjoy a whole evening of pudding entertainment, from a jovial introduction by The Pudding Master through to a light main course followed by the reason guests gather – the Parade of Seven Puddings and subsequent sweet culinary experience.

At the end of the night the vote for Best Pudding of the Night is carried out over coffee.

The Pudding Club is booked months in advance, so be sure to book your places early.

the pudding club three ways house mickleton cotswoldsWe had a fantastic night at The Pudding Club in July 2014. Steve was Pudding Master and he made the evening extra special with his wonderful sense of humour.

As our Pudding Club was in July, we enjoyed the Summer Puddings on this night.. but we really must to go back in the winter time so we can also get to experience the Winter Puddings.

It’s a fabulous concept and idea.. and every single pudding was delicious.

hat they have been to The Pudding Club with dinner and 7 delicious puddings.

the-pudding-club-hotel-i-heart-travelsStaying in The Spotted Dick Room, Sir?

The hotel even has pudding themed rooms.. not many people can say they’ve stayed in the Spotted Dick Room, but at Three Ways House Hotel, that is possible! Sometimes also called it The Spotted Dog Room (spot the Dalmatians) when international guests stay and find the name just a little too odd, but the Brits know better.

Mette Poynton, I ♥ TRAVELS.

the pudding club three ways house mickleton cotswolds