Skopelos in Greece

Skopelos Greece

Skopelos GreeceNestled east of the Pelion peninsula and north of the island Euboea in the Aegean Sea, Skopelos is a destination for the beach lover, the adventurous underwater diver, or for the perfect relaxing getaway.

Skopelos is one of many islands that make up the Northern Sporades island group, these islands are part of the Thessaly region in Greece.

Skopelos is home to two local communities, Glossa and Neo Klimia (Elios); it also has two mountains, Delphi in the centre of the island and Palouki resting in the southeast.  Skopelos is slightly larger than its more famous neighbours Mykonos and Santorini, but stays true to its unique offerings.

Skopelos in Greece, lush and green

Skopelos, founded by Staphylos according to legend, is full of lush greenery that includes flowers, trees, shrubs, and most importantly olive trees, and a variety of animals from birds to amphibians. Let’s not forget about the vast beaches that lay on the 67km coast of Skopelos; some beaches are inaccessible due to the mountainous terrain, but Staphylos, Velanio (PLEASE NOTE this is an unofficial nudist beach), and many others are available to the public to stake an umbrella in the sand and soak in the Greek sunshine, or take a dip in the Aegean Sea.

Skopelos GreeceIf you catch a bus or taxi, they regularly run along the coastal road, to Panormos beach, you can rent a runabout boat to tour the long coastline including coves, the islet of Saint George, and other eye-catching discoveries. You might say the beautiful beaches are why tourists visit the island of Skopelos.

Close to Staphylos and Velanio beaches, the popular town of Stafylos includes abundant olive groves, hills and valleys, and hosts a variety of accommodations that are suited towards the quaint traveler. You will find local pubs, restaurants, a super market and a gasoline station; public transportation is readily available too.

Try something new when visiting Greece, visit the island of Skopelos and enjoy the rich flavours it has to offer – and we’re not just talking about the olive oil.