Seven Places to definitely go on the US Virgin Islands

The US Virgin Islands (main islands of Saint Croix, Saint John and Saint Thomas) are known for their beaches, snorkelling and sport fishing, and are full of historical landmarks waiting to be explored.  Specifically, Saint Thomas is no stranger to history or exploration as major landmarks including Coral World Ocean Park, and it’s here that we start our seven amazing places not to miss while visiting the U.S. Virgin Islands.

St. Thomas, the gateway island of the US Virgin Islands in the Caribbean, is full of plenty activities to keep anyone busy and having fun during their stay.  So, what are the places not to miss at St. Thomas….

1. Charlotte Amalie

Not a resident of the island, but the beautiful capital.  Charlotte Amalie is home to white sand and crystal blue waters, decadent restaurants, high-end shopping, it is no wonder why it’s one of the busiest cruise ships ports in the Caribbean. Charlotte Amalie, founded by the Danish in 1600s, features historical landmarks including the 1679 Danish watchtower popularly known as Blackbeard’s Castle pays homage to the area’s 17th-19th century pirate history.

2. Emerald Beach Resort

When visiting St. Thomas, we highly recommend booking your vacation accommodation at this breathtaking resort. Only minutes from Charlotte Amalie and attractions, the Emerald Beach Resort overlooks Lindbergh Bay and is waiting for you to take a sip of your favourite tropical drink, feel the white sand between your toes, and take a dip in the Caribbean surf.  The best part, this resort is 100% beach front and every room flaunts a scenic ocean view.

I ♡ TRAVELS TIP: Best Rates Guaranteed when booking your room directly with EMERALD BEACH RESORT.

3. Magens Bay

We can’t talk about amazing beaches without mentioning Magens Bay. Located north side of St. Thomas, Magens Bay (and public park) is open all year round due to is calm waters and popularity among tourists and locals alike. Activities include: snorkelling, boating, lounging, paddle boarding, and simply just reading a book in a lounge chair.  All equipment can be rented, including towels and lockers. There is $4 sustainability fee for tourists.

4. Camille Pissaro Gallery

A fantastic place in art history! The gallery is in the building of the birthplace of famed Danish/French artist (Impressionist and Neo-Impressionist), Camille Pissaro. Wonderous works of Pissaro’s art, friendly staff, and gifts for purchase make this unique stop a must while visiting St. Thomas.

Time to switch gears into flight mode. We take a short trip over the largest of the US Virgin Islands, Saint Croix. Even though St. Croix shares the capital of Charlotte Amalie with St. Thomas, this island is just as full of adventure.


5. Seaplane to Christiansted

Getting from St Thomas to the island of St. Croix takes you in the air and over the blue Caribbean waters.  Reputable and well-serviced boutique airline Seaborne Airlines are able to serve tourists and locals who want to trek over to St. Croix.  The flight from St. Thomas to St. Croix is only 25 minutes and runs regularly.

6. Point Udall and Fort Christianvaern

After a scenic ocean view drive to the East End of St. Croix, Point Udall is the eastern most point of the US!  There, the Millennium Monument, established in 2000, sits on top of the first American soil to see the sun.  There is no cost to visit the monument. Okay, we snuck in a bonus “not to miss” – Fort Christianvaern.  Part of the Christiansted National Historical District and one of five historical landmarks, Fort Christianvaern offers visitors look into the Danish history that blankets the US Virgin Islands.  Visitors must pay an admission fee of $3 per person.


7. Cane Bay

We couldn’t let St. Thomas have all the fun with memorable bays!  Cane Bay is often referred to as a “one stop shop” as far as beaches go.  With an abundance of amenities and activities to take part in, tourists, locals, children, and even furry friends are welcome to the sandy shoreline and often splash in the clear warm water.  It’s so popular among the St. Croix crowd that weekends can be quite busy, so make sure you claim your spot early.

US Virgin Islands, an exhilarating getaway.

There you have it, seven places not to miss on your next, or first, visit to the US Virgin Islands.  Whether it’s the perfect accommodation, beautiful beaches, taking a step back in time, or simply relaxing, the U.S. Virgin Islands are a great, exhilarating getaway.