Newquay: So much more than a Surfer’s Paradise

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NewquayNewquay is known as one of Cornwall’s best surf- and beach towns and it definitely is one of the most ideal places to book your family in for a beach, surf and sun vacation in the UK.

As one of the UK’s top destinations, this wonderful Cornish town has received a variety of awards and accolades, including the Trip Advisor’s Top Ten Beach Destinations in the UK, COAST Magazine’s Best Family Holiday Destination and Cornwall’s Atlantic Coast top voted seaside towns.

Newquay-5But Newquay’s appeal doesn’t stop at the beach or in the surf shop, it is also a town full of history that dates back almost 1600 years. Throughout the years, the overall look of the town has changed to keep up with the modern aspects of the changing world and many of the sights still remain completely authentic. The town was once the birthplace of a variety of weapons and tools during the Industrial age, a gold mine for eager treasure hunters and a go-to place for trading china clay and tin. Today, Newquay is one of the larger Cornwall towns, accommodating tourists and visitors every day of the year, with attractions, restaurants, night life and a large town centre perfect for shopping.

Interesting Attractions

Newquay is a fun-filled holiday adventure and it’s fun activities range from sightseeing walks through parks and the town itself. You can enjoy a nice day at one of the golden sand beaches. Visit Newquay Harbour, Trenance Gardens and Leisure Park. Go to the Lighthouse Cinema. Check out the open green spaces of Killacourt and Barrowfields where you can enjoy a nice walk.

belushis newquay cornwall heart travelsAmazing Newquay Eateries

At the end of each day’s fun, you’re going to want to end up in one of Newquay’s excellent eateries. There’s award-winning pizza from The Stable. Delicious Mexican cuisine from Mexican Cantina. An authentic taste of Cornwall at The Smugglers Den Inn. A delightful treat from an Australian cuisine restaurant called Bush Pepper. Or I ♥ TRAVELS favourite, Belushi’s. Regardless of your craving, Newquay has a variety of restaurants, pubs, and eateries that will satisfy your taste buds and have you coming back for more.

Newquay is definitely an ideal vacation spot for you and your family. Book your trip now to jumpstart the beginning of a memorable and delightful vacation.