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We’ve been to Cotswold Wildlife Park in Burford with our kids, Matthew and Noelle, about twice a year since they were in 2 years old and in pushchairs.

cotswold wildlife park blogIt’s one of the top attractions in the Cotswolds and, indeed, in the UK, and one that we’re so lucky to live close to.

A truly versatile attraction

We go with the kids, obviously, but Cotswold Wildlife Park is actually not the kind of attraction where you really need to kids to visit.. go on your own, go as a couple on a romantic weekend, go to sit down and paint what you see, go for the exercise or go with your children at any age to experience the animal interactions, the play areas, the train that shows you the entire park from the comfort of a nice seat and have a picnic on the grass in the middle of the park.. it’s one of the most versatile parks and attractions this country has to offer.

cotswold wildlife park skymaze blog

A Magical Cotswold Adventure

But we go with our kids, of course… and what a magical adventure it always is, not least since they built the fantastic Skymaze which we saw for the first time when it just opened in June of 2014 when Matthew and Noelle were a month away from turning 6. And let us just tell you this: If you have children of any age, you simply must go to Cotswold Wildlife Park to experience the Skymaze!!

cotswold wildlife park blogThe kids spent over an hour high up in the trees. Their imagination took them on a trip in a jungle full of wild animals and lots of monkeys.. at one point I think they were even in outer space!

cotswold wildlife park skymazeThey had an absolute blast, as did everyone else up there (there was more than just a couple of adults running around up there too!) and the hardest part of the day was to get them down so we could move on.. the lure of the picnic basket full of goodies did it in the end!!

We’re already looking forward to the next time we visit Cotswold Wildlife Park… hope to see you there!!

Mette Poynton, I ♥ TRAVELS.

Cotswold Wildlife Park

cotswold wildlife park cotswolds blog

cotswold wildlife park cotswolds blog

cotswold wildlife park cotswolds blog

cotswold wildlife park cotswolds blog

cotswold wildlife park skymaze

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