Athens, Old and New Capital

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athens greece i heart travelsAthens, the capital of Greece where history, art and culture collide to create a divine location for the traveller looking to discover the past. Covering the vast part of the Attica region and surrounded by three towering mountain ranges, Hymettos, Parnitha and Pendeli, Athens offers a harmonious mix of ancient and modern adventures and experiences.

The Greek Goddess Athena

Let’s talk about the old. Athens, derived from the Greek goddess Athena, is full of wonders that originate from at least 7000 years ago including: the Iron Age burials that were the result of the defense of Acropolis against Thebes and Sparta, a plethora of archaeological hubs and institutes, historical monuments, like the Parthenon, that blanket the city, and who can forget, this is where the Olympic Games originated long ago.

Favourite with tourists and visitors

Hermion Restaurant Athens GreeceAncient Athens is a spectacle that remains the highlight of tourists and locals alike, whether visiting the unfinished, 15 column Temple of Olympian Zeus, taking a tour of the UNESCO World Heritage site Delphi, once home to the most prestigious oracle in the Greek world, or hiking Lycabettus Hill to witness the spectacular views of the city, any visitor is sure to take a step into Ancient Greece, if only for a moment.

athens greece i heart travelsBut there’s a lot of new in Athens too. This wonderful capital city boasts some of the best modern amenities that takes a break from its famous historical venues. The city is lined with delicious restaurants that satisfy many palates, taverns to quench your thirst, shopping, including local markets, nightlife, and a variety of accommodations to fit every budget.

Over the last decade, in part due to the 2004 Olympic Games, Athens’ infrastructure has improved to accommodate more tourism to the city including: 148 theatrical stages, 3 multi-sport facilities, increased public transportation systems, and contemporary locales that offer a more modern spin on an “old world” city.

There is so much to see, do and experience in Athens and when visiting Greece, it is the perfect place to immerse yourself in the past and present. CLICK HERE to see our many hotels, restaurants and attractions in Athens and Greece.

athens greece i heart travels

The Panathenaic Stadium in Athens, Greece.